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Posted on: August 16, 2012 2:13 pm

I'm Back....Its been a long while....

So the last time i posted a blog on this lovely website, I was still married... my 2 year old was just a thought in my ballsack, and I had a much more pronounced hairline....
Oh what can happen in 3 years can be beyond comprehension. It's amazing how much can change over three years..... but alas there is 1 thing that has remained steadfast/unchanging/and unwaivering..... What i am referring to is The BLARNEY BOMBERS!!! The teamm from Blarney came on the scene in 2008 and smashed the competition.... They arrived with such force.... not a nare balloon knot was spared...not 1. After the miraculous DOMINATION in 2008.... the last4 seasons can only be described with one specific photo... In this photo you have an empty Jager bottle.... a man's empty and discarded faux leather billfold....and lastly a homeless man with one yellow tooth wearing a white t-shirt with the word shame written in Large Black letters across the front.....Embraced in a hug!! Its the case of a team of high acheivers....UNDERACHEIVING........


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Posted on: August 11, 2009 11:47 am

Late Season Surge........?

Been a minute since I was last here..... Not much has changed. Disappointment and Shame are still very prevalent regarding my team. Oh, and don't forget about the under production.... which seems to be the theme of my season. But what do you do... such is the game of baseball! A player with an amazing 08 season most certainly can tank in 09... I know this feeling all too well this year. So, my plan is this: to continue my team management as if I were battling for first place, to do whatever I can to annoy and frustrate the top two teams by stealing points, and to put another shine on the VSH Championship Cup for old times sake! Latrox

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 10:39 am

Just a matter of time and patience.

Me again:
Not grumpy...... just tired. Been at work for 24 hrs with no sleep....... not good for mental processes. Just wanted to say a few quick thoughts about my fantasy team. They have disappointed me thus far..... even though I am in 4th place.......... the numbers they have put up compared to the numbers they should be putting are not even in the same zip code. However, being that baseball is a game of numbers and that those numbers usually right themselves by the end of the year........ I have much optimism for winning the cup for the 2nd yr. Gotta have faith........ faith fa faith!
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Posted on: June 11, 2009 9:34 am

My team SUKS

My team is full of over achievers....... under performing. I understand that baseball is a game of numbers and trends, but I am really starting to think my chances of victory this year are behind me. Not to mention that every time one of my players decides to go on the DL out of the "Blue".......... they do it on a Monday or Tuesday night after I set my weekly roster. No points for you! I can only hope I get a nice surge before the All-Star Break to put me back into contention and that a week off will rejuvenate my stars. I know I can win......... I have the team, the talent, and the managerial skills that they write about in books................. the question remains.............. does my team have the WILL?!?
Way to dramatic...... I know...... but I am tired of NOT being in the LEAD!
-- Pottsfire80 --
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Posted on: June 3, 2009 9:49 am

I'm hungover

Morning,It's about 8:30 am EST, and I am immediately regretting that last jager bomb I took at 2 this am!!! Will I ever learn, probably not and that's OK..... hangovers eventually subside.....right??
Be right back......
I'm back........ had to discuss a pending trade with the porcelain pool.
Since we are talking "trades" here, I have some thoughts/issues concerning my league and its traderestrictions. There are NO restrictions... and here lies the problem.....well we do have a trade deadline...but I digress. I am somewhat a "noob" in this whole Fantasy Sports Management (2nd year..FYI: won theleague championship last year 08), but I'd like to think that with a little common sense and homeworkone should have a good chance at doing well as a Fantasy "G.M." That being said....... if the league youare in lacks in the area of "common sense"; winning/or at least doing well can be about as easy as turning downthat last jager bomb from the attractive(and drunk) female who assumes you will be making breakfast for ina few hours.
A little history:I got my first taste(sour) of the "one sided" trade last year, occurring in the middle of July, 2008.It involved a 3 for 3 between two teams in my league (8 team league)J. Cantu - J. Jurrjens - Carlos Gomez   FOR   A. Petite - Shane Victorino - ALBERT PUJOLSI remember thinking.... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
!!Any self respecting G.M. would call this a laughable offense, rejecting this poor excuse for a trade fasterthan you can say "boom goes the dynamite"However, this was not the case....... the trade was accepted......... and I cried foul for exactly 64 sec withouttaking a breathe.
 The team who gave PUJOLS away(call him "Team Rainman") for basically "middle of the draft" players, was in his
first yr. as a G.M. Also, the team who received Christmas in July(we will call him "Team Rape") is a co-commisioner of my league and thetwo are best buddies. "Rainman" is a fitting name for this team. Common sense he scores a "0/10"-- Baseball Knowledge he scores a .5/10--the ability to count how many toothpicks are in a mason jar he scores a 10/10. Congratulations!!Basically, he was bent over the proverbial chair and was given a good rogering. 
My next reaction should have been to calmly reach for my mouse......move it over to the spot where it says "veto trade"....... and depressed my pointer finger until I heard it click. Not the case.......because that is not an OPTION in my league.
................. um............... got to go and hopefully finish my talk with "porcy" (I named him... WOW I must seek therapy)so................ I will continue this at a later time................... so..................... until then
--MPeezy out--

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